The Joker got bored of Batman so he thought he’d go after Superman in Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 1

This is a review of the graphic novel:  Injustice:  Gods Among Us Volume 1.  Lois Lane is pregnant.  Jimmy Olsen is killed by the Joker who then kidnaps Lois and sets a trap for Superman.  Under the influence of Scarecrow’s fear gas, Superman ends up killing Lois and destroying Metropolis with the warhead to a nuclear missile.

And then Superman kinda goes crazy and becomes a benevolent dictator policing the world of all conflict and war.  Batman isn’t exactly on board with this new order and this is actually an elaborate back story for a video game.  They needed to come up with a situation that would explain Superman and Batman fighting each other…
Much like opera, comic books don’t have to make sense.  I don’t know if one ever has to really know anything about continuity and in this case, there really is no expectation that any of the events in this timeline are actual canon for the characters.

At one point I thought to myself “can’t Superman fly around the Earth backwards to turn back time?”  or are we not doing that anymore?  They just wanted to justify the situation I imagine.  And so … none of this is important.  Not even in the New 52 or whatever you call it.

That said … the art was decent and the story was interesting.  But you have to keep on asking yourself if there is a point to reading stories about characters when the stories aren’t even happening in the same universe or dimension?

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