Mighty No. 9! The latest kickstarter project … now with more support!

Mega Man. He’s a classic video game character. He’s the robot that blasts his way through scores of enemy robots.  But … this isn’t a post about Mega Man.  It’s a post about Mighty No. 9, the new upcoming game from the team behind Mega Man.

When I first heard about this project I knew I wanted to support it.  I’m not great at this kind of game.  But I like to encourage the development of this sort of nonsense.  And $5 wouldn’t give me a copy of the game which was ok, because it was only being developed for PC.  Well it seems like I wasn’t alone in my support for this project because not only has the $900k goal been achieved fairly quickly, but the kickstarter stretch goal for Mac/Linux support has been passed.  And now I’ve gone back to kickstarter and increased my pledge to $20 so I will have a chance to play the game when it comes out…in 2015.

Kickstarter:  Mighty No. 9

Chris Colfer signed his new book at Vromans, and street pass OC madness

chriscolfer Today at long last was the day Chris Colfer had his signing at Vromans. I had been looking forward to this for a while (for an indeterminate period of time longer than a week). Much praise to the Vromans staff. I took a picture from the line. It’s an awful picture; blurry and his head is obstructed. Ah well it wasn’t important.
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The Nintendo 3DS and the quest for the green light

I don’t recommend reading this post if you do not care about Nintendo, foursquare check ins, and so forth.  Last night I downloaded the system update for the Nintendo 3DS to unlock the StreetPass Relay Points.  And then today I went around to several places to try and use said StreetPass Relay Points.  This is a recap of where I went. Continue reading “The Nintendo 3DS and the quest for the green light”

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD

Last night I was on the elliptical machine when my iPod nano shuffled to Gerudo Valley, track 4 of The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD.  The CD was a special pack in with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which I regrettably didn’t play as much as I have played the soundtrack.

I don’t think of myself as a super video game nerd, and my friends who do play video games can vouch for my lack of game playing ability.  But this collection of music I think stands out as good music, exceeding what I would have expected from a video game soundtrack or a television or cinema score.  Of course there are little moments when musical cues provide a thrill associated with memories of gameplay; if at anytime in real life I were to hear the secret notification and a key falls out of the sky I think it would be the best thing ever.  (Main Theme Medley, 0:48)


Track Listing for The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD

  1. The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley
  2. Kariko Village – Twilight Princess Theme
  3. The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement
  4. Gerudo Valley
  5. Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme
  6. Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement
  7. The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley
  8. Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword

Yesterday I found out that Viz (VizKids) published a translation of the Legend of Zelda manga series and I may have purchased all ten volumes.  I was reviewing one for Edelweiss but didn’t realize there was a whole series.  I had finished Ocarina of Time Part 1 and wanted to continue on so I checked at the bookstore I was in and on the shelf I found all ten of them sitting there, waiting for me.  I immediately looked online and read about the ten volumes — hopefully soon to be more than ten with the upcoming release(s) for Skyward Sword — and perhaps as a rash impulse buy I grabbed all of them.

As a confession, I haven’t finished most of the games.  This is one of the reasons people give me grief about video games; that and lack of skill.  However the manga are helping me fill in the plot holes.  It’s a little better than reading spoilers online…Plus, if I don’t buy books, bookstores may cease to exist as we know them. :-/

Anyhow:  positive review, both for the CD and the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Part 1.  One jar containing a fairy out of one jar slot.

Edit:  I forgot to mention that Koji Kondo is responsible for much of the Legend of Zelda music.