BEA 2013 Haul post

I find other people posting about all the things they got annoying and obnoxious so of course I’ve done one myself … because when you confess your own hypocrisy it stinks just a little bit less.

I could wait until all of my books come home to me … I mailed some to myself because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to transport them all.  These fears may have been unnecessary and since I didn’t pay for the tracking information there’s no way of knowing if those five media mail envelopes will ever arrive.  But they were the less important books to me and I felt that losing them wouldn’t be a great loss.  Shall we begin?  I may also talk about books I purchased on my trip…do people do haul posts on purchases?  Of course they do.  Exhibitionist shoppers.  My goodness I’m becoming some capitalist stooge. Continue reading “BEA 2013 Haul post”


I want to say things about BEA but I think my body is in a state of shock and wants to rest. I did a lot of walking yesterday generally unassisted by stimulants. Or food.

I did end up mailing some padded envelopes back home via media mail. I thought I was being good and not binging on ARCs but I went through at the end and just started grabbing things. And then the bag was getting heavy so I tried to find a second bag to distribute the weight … proper haul blog to come. Maybe. Or more likely a further discussion on shipping books when away at a convention.

I’m going to strut across the country to BEA

The next few weeks I’m going to hit the skies, roads and rails as I make my way to the Bookexpo America in New York by way of Washington.  It’s not like that time I went from Los Angeles to Denver via New York (thanks JetBlue).  But really.  This is the plan:

Fly from Burbank to Seattle.  Fly from Seattle to Spokane.  Drive from Spokane to Seattle.  Drive from Seattle back to Spokane.  Fly to Seattle and then fly to Newark.  Somehow get out of New Jersey and spend time in glorious New York.  Probably via train?  Attend BEA for a few days.  Take a train down to DC.  Fly back to Los Angeles.

No idea if I’ll post my trip or if I’ll put it back on tumblr or what.  But … I’m not going to be able to go to my book club meeting.  I am reading the book though.  Promise!