Geography Club cover boys and visualizing characters based on their movie actors

This is a post about Geography Club, Geography Club (the movie) and The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know.

A while ago Brent Hartinger wrote a book called Geography Club which is the story of a young gay guy and various coming out issues.  You know.  Back then, this sort of thing wasn’t as acceptable.  Naming a social or support organization with something so harmless was a bit of a brilliant turn.  Also, the book always attracted my eye because of the young man on the cover.

And just recently it was adapted to film.  Cover boy Russel Middlebrook now had the face of actor Cameron Deane Stewart and boyfriend Kevin Land likewise is now seared into my brain as actor Justin Deeley.

Hold on, I’m distracted by puppies.

There have  been a few books with Russel Middlebrook since Geography Club and they mostly have not included faces which I’m fine with. But now Russel is in a new series which I would suggest is more New Adult than Young Adult for various acts of sodomy.  It’s not erotica and it’s not romance and I don’t even know why we need to stick labels on it but please.  If you are a twelve year old gay boy, I’m not going to tell you to read this book just yet because I think your parents would object.

Where was I?  Right, so the cover boys on The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know don’t seem right to me.  They don’t have to be Russel and Kevin, but it’s probable that one of them is Russel… I don’t know.  Maybe it’s Kevin and his new boyfriend.

Anyhow, when a movie comes out, it’s hard not to use the actors as your visualized idea of the characters.  Daniel Radcliffe will forever be what I think of when I think of Harry Potter.  I’d ask what you think but nobody reads this blog and I don’t know that I care about anybody’s comments.  😛

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