BEA 2013 Haul post

I find other people posting about all the things they got annoying and obnoxious so of course I’ve done one myself … because when you confess your own hypocrisy it stinks just a little bit less.

I could wait until all of my books come home to me … I mailed some to myself because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to transport them all.  These fears may have been unnecessary and since I didn’t pay for the tracking information there’s no way of knowing if those five media mail envelopes will ever arrive.  But they were the less important books to me and I felt that losing them wouldn’t be a great loss.  Shall we begin?  I may also talk about books I purchased on my trip…do people do haul posts on purchases?  Of course they do.  Exhibitionist shoppers.  My goodness I’m becoming some capitalist stooge. Continue reading “BEA 2013 Haul post”

I was late but I still got a signature from Tim Federle @TimFederle #BookFest

9781442446908.600x600-75I’m about to reveal a secret about attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC that I found useful and sadly will probably forget next year.  But this is something I learned the hard way, by being late to the first author panel I wanted to see which included Tim Federle and Stephan Pastis.  (Apologies to Ellis Weiner, who was also on the panel but whose presence doesn’t add to my narrative)

TL; DR:  Stephan Pastis has more fans but I like Tim Federle more so I can live with the choices that I made.
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