TIL Seinen Manga

Today I Learned that there exists a manga category called “seinen manga” …this is the manga equivalent of the dumb boy book.  Material intended for young males ages 18-30.  Violence and exploitative to women.  I won’t say that all of seinen manga is like that, but if you’re put off because a story is particularly violent and the women seem really cool with pleasing men, then that could be seinen manga.

I was reading volume 1 of Gunsmith Cats.  When I first encountered the name Gunsmith Cats, I thought it was about alien humanoid felines with guns.  No, it’s set in the near-past Chicago.  I don’t know if there are any cats in this manga.  And there seems to be confusion regarding the protagonist’s name:  It’s either RALLY or LARRY.  Considering that it’s a girl, most people assume that it’s not Larry. Continue reading “TIL Seinen Manga”