Twitter, please verify me

So … there’s this form that you can use to apply for a verified check on twitter.  I’ve wanted to be verified for … years.  One of the things you do is provide a link to a website or something?  Wasn’t quite clear what they were looking for, but here I am, on the website that I have but seldom update whose domain is my name, and hoping that Twitter will indeed verify me.

Link to the form so you can get verified too

One thing that Kobo does better than Sony is FOOTNOTES

Okay so I’ve been using the Sony Readers since PRS-500 which predates the touch interface.  I’ve never been happy with how they handled footnotes.  You would be taken out of the text to jump to the footnote probably at the end of the chapter and then you’d have to hit the back button to jump back… Of course if for some reason the footnote paginated … anyways.

My experience with the Kobo Aura and footnotes has been much better.  A small dialogue box pops up with the text of the footnote over the text which I can easily dismiss.  I don’t feel like I’m bouncing back and forth in the book.  I suppose I should include pictures and what not but I’m not going to because I doubt anyone really cares about this sort of thing.  I mean anyone else.

The new iPad Air will make your life better … or will it?

Hey people.  So it looks like the embargo against iPad Air reviews have lifted and internet journalists have been able to post their reviews of the new iPad Air that is available for sale this Friday.  There’s something I think you should know that will greatly effect the lives of anyone who is contemplating purchasing the new iPad Air. Continue reading “The new iPad Air will make your life better … or will it?”

The Fixya Report on Mobile Browsers

I am an iPhone user.  I use Safari on the iPhone.

This website, Fixya, has compiled a report on mobile browsers.  The top five I suppose browsers.  The Android Browser, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

And of course, since I’m linking it, the iPhone came out on top.

I was confused because Stock Android outperformed Chrome.  I had heard good things about Chrome.  Maybe the only good thing about mobile Chrome is that it syncs with people who use desktop Chrome?  Which for me is one of the benefits of using mobile Safari.

Funny thing, this M7 co-processor

This is a post about the M7 co-processor that is one of the new features inside of the iPhone.  And while it’s not filled with anything more than anecdotal information so if you’re looking for graphics and charts, you won’t find them.

I noticed that somebody in my rss feed had a list of apps for us lucky iPhone 5s users that take advantage of the M7 motion co-processor.  Thought I might give one of the free pedometer apps a try.  When I installed it and opened it I was amused to see that it already had a step count in for today.  And yesterday.  And the day before. Continue reading “Funny thing, this M7 co-processor”

Speculative post on the new iPhone 5S after the launch of said phone but before I have seen it

I fear there is a problem with the internet.  This problem is that some people are getting paid.  I’m not getting paid for my opinions or to have an opinion.  Other people are and so sometimes what they say seems a bit suspect.  Or rather I warn you that a lot of what you read online is bullshit, much like what you see on telly.

Before the new iPhone 5S was announced it was a little amusing to hear people discuss things they didn’t know about or only suspected about.  And then after the announcement, there was further discussion about the phone, generally by people who didn’t actually have access to the phone or any reliable sources of information. Continue reading “Speculative post on the new iPhone 5S after the launch of said phone but before I have seen it”

Maybe I’ll just instagram everything.

Hello internet!  I have a YouTube channel that I’m not even going to link to because I don’t know the last time I posted to it and my most popular video is like 94k views on five seconds of Spieling Peter Pan.  Oh my god I only like videos from cute boy vloggers?  Um hold on while I make my feed activity a little less embarrassing.  Why google feels the need to broadcast my activity on YouTube I don’t know.

I think and I could be wrong that I’m just going to start posting a lot of short things on Instagram.  Like tonight I’m going with Alethea to see Elysium.  So you might get fifteen seconds of me saying that I enjoyed the film.  Something boring like that.  Fifteen seconds of me drinking iced coffee, complaining about how hard it was to find parking at Starbucks. Continue reading “Maybe I’ll just instagram everything.”

on ecommerce and records

If you run an ecommerce store and I ask you to list the products available alphabetically from A-Z and you include THE in your sort, I will be disappointed.  This isn’t a shaming post because I’m not going to call out any specific site by name, but I’d like to think that this is one of the small details that I care about and hasn’t been a total waste of time in my development process. Continue reading “on ecommerce and records”

Return to the Case of the Dead Logitech K760

Perhaps you read my post yesterday.

Probably not.  It’s not really a post that sounds exciting to people.  I understand.  I really do.  Anyways my solar powered keyboard complained about the battery again so I left the keyboard in the bathroom in front of a window hoping that it would charge while I slept (I sleep in).  Not really.  I left it outside for several minutes and the keyboard was happy again.  I sat outside and read another chapter in Michael Chabon’s Mysteries of Pittsburgh.  I don’t know if you know this but it’s really bright outside!  With that I semi-confess that I’m slipping into a nocturnal cycle again.  Ah well.