So good. The Legend of Korra Book One Art Book.

A lot of what you see on television is rubbish and nonsense.  And I’m not just talking about the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Sometimes there are brief moments of brilliance and joy.  The Legend of Korra was one of those brief fleetings of joy.  “Book One” (or the first season) was twelve episodes of a deeply imagined world of asian influenced wonder and alternate history fantasy that was animated with a care seldom seen on television.

Before we get to watch Book Two, an actual book, “The Legend of Korra:  The Art of the Animated Series Book One” has been released which provides a rich look into the background of the production of Book One.  I’m afraid it will really only appeal to fans of the show.  I was provided with a copy of the digital galley via Netgalley.  Due to the limitations of this copy, I was unable to read some of the captions.  However, I feel that the primary draw of the book is the art which looks gorgeous.

I’m buying Wise Young Fool this week, the latest from @seanbeaudoin

Hey. Sean Beaudoin has a new book coming out this Tuesday. Wise Young Fool. I have not read it, so I cannot recommend it at this time but I am definitely going to pick it up and if you want to be a lemming and follow my lead you will too.  One of the many anticipated releases on my upcoming books page.

Like it has a guitar on the cover and it’s a raw-throated punk rock black comedy love story.

If you’re a book nerd / person with a perverse interest in publishing, I recommend reading his long post on The Horrors of Self-Promotion.