Maybe I’ll just instagram everything.

Hello internet!  I have a YouTube channel that I’m not even going to link to because I don’t know the last time I posted to it and my most popular video is like 94k views on five seconds of Spieling Peter Pan.  Oh my god I only like videos from cute boy vloggers?  Um hold on while I make my feed activity a little less embarrassing.  Why google feels the need to broadcast my activity on YouTube I don’t know.

I think and I could be wrong that I’m just going to start posting a lot of short things on Instagram.  Like tonight I’m going with Alethea to see Elysium.  So you might get fifteen seconds of me saying that I enjoyed the film.  Something boring like that.  Fifteen seconds of me drinking iced coffee, complaining about how hard it was to find parking at Starbucks. Continue reading “Maybe I’ll just instagram everything.”