Roy Choi: Everyone wants the answer. They want us to have the solution.

Everyone wants the answer.  They want us to have the solution.  But we don’t have a solution.  We’re just trying to feed and take care of people.  If we’re not perfect at the beginning, well, fuck it,man.  We’re a year old.  Give it time. – Roy Choi

Sometimes an east coast person will come west and try (food, restaurants, and so forth) and report negatively on it.  Probably missing some context or perhaps from their perspective, accurately depicting their opinions.  Recently Pete Wells of the New York Times gave Roy Choi’s LocoL zero stars.  And while I don’t know what exactly that means out of a general ignorance of the New York Times restaurant reviewing standards, I feel like saying “zero stars” suggests some colossal failure and reflects negatively on the food and experience in general. Continue reading “Roy Choi: Everyone wants the answer. They want us to have the solution.”

ICYMI More Instagram videos: free candy is good candy and an Elysium video review

In Case You Missed It (because I posted these at 1am in the morning and somehow you’re online at 10p on a Friday) Continue reading “ICYMI More Instagram videos: free candy is good candy and an Elysium video review”

Native Angeleno: Philippe’s

I am (basically) a native Angeleno. When in reality I am not. I was born in Fontana and I was raised in the Inland Empire so … I’m native to SoCal. And I basically live in Pasadena and that’s where I consider my family to be from.


Which is still weird because most of the people I know are not natives. People move here for various reasons and once our weather makes you soft it becomes rather difficult to leave.

Anywhats I figured I might as well discuss some things I know that other people might like to know.

Los Angeles claims to be the birthplace of the French Dip. And the best place to get a French Dip is Philippe’s in Los Angeles. The address I think is 1001 Alameda (The number is correct as I can see it painted over the door). And one of the great things about Philippe’s is they have free parking. Parking is very important to me and I assume it is to everyone in San Angeles.

The menu at Philippe’s is larger than I expect because really I think you should just stick with the dipped sandwiches. Pork, Beef, Ham, Lamb, and Turkey. Wait. what is the difference between the pork and the ham?!?

I just finished a lamb dip or else I would try to find out. Maybe I will come back tomorrow.

They also have some side salads. Macaroni, potato, cole slaw. I know the case also has pies and brownies. They also have refreshingly cheap beverages; lemonade, iced tea and coffee are all priced less than a dollar.

Oh. Forgot to mention. There’s sawdust on the floor.


Open seven days a week, 6am-10pm. Walking distance from Union Station. LA Museum of Railroading in the back. Serves alcohol. Very possibly my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Mixed seating; communal tables available. Oh. Don’t be surprised if there are lines out the door. It’s other people’s favorite restaurant too.

Free Bag! Food Trucks! Big ‘Cap Day at Santa Anita

I received a text from my friend Jason that the Lobsta Truck was at Santa Anita and he was coming out so I ended up going as well.  The weather today was unbelievably lovely and it would have been a terrible shame to stay indoors.  Doing what I had thought I’d do.  Laundry and internet.  Some general reading.

Here we have a lovely sunny day in the mid 80s and people are walking about in shorts and whatnot.  And Chicago? I believe your high was 30.  New York’s high was 45.  Baltimore 43.  But enough about you, let’s talk about ladies in hats and white people who are dressed like … white people.

I was standing in line for Kogi behind these lovely white people dressed in pastels.  I had to share with everyone the way this guy was dressed because ordinarily I would have assumed it was done ironically in costume but he didn’t seem to be putting on an affectation of any sort.  Apparently it’s perfectly normal for him to wear pastels.  There were the docksiders on his feet.  A blue polo shirt, ray bans and what amused me to no end….yellow shorts with tiny sailboats on them.  Sir, if by some random fortune you manage to read this I don’t mean this post as a critique, it’s just been so long since I’ve seen anyone dress like you.

Perhaps this gentlemen attended a prep school and summered on the cape and belongs in one of my favorite Edward Hopper paintings (Ground Swell)

Back to food trucks.

I did not go to the Grilled Cheese Truck but I always like the Grilled Cheese Truck.  I’m trying to eat better and fatty melty dairy between two bits of carb that’s been buttered…not the best meal.  But if you ever find yourselves where the Grilled Cheese Truck is an option, I recommend trying them.  Don’t forget the tater tots!

Can you believe this was my first time at a Kogi BBQ Truck?  I know there’s like four trucks that roam around and I always credit them with being behind the LA Food Truck scene.  Just somehow I’ve never found myself at the same place as a Kogi Truck or if I was, I was actually there for another truck and didn’t get around to trying it.  Since I was hoping to eat at more than just one truck I limited my order to just a short rib taco and a chicken taco.  You know the kind, a small little soft tortilla with a bunch of chopped meat and lettuce on top.  I probably could have eaten five?  Maybe more?  I’m going to recommend you try Kogi.

The Lobsta Truck was there and I had a lobsta roll with mayo and it was good as always.  The Lobsta Truck is reliable for having good lobster and I have to stay true to my vow:  I will not go out of my way to go to the Lobsta Truck.  I never want to get to the point where I have it so much it becomes less magical.  The Lobsta Truck is my absolute favorite source of lobster rolls and as I like to say they often are better than seafood I get at restaurants.

Now I did get a sample from the nice man at the Ragin’ Cajun truck.  Tried the garlic sauce.  Was pretty good, but I was still getting a feel for what was out there and I didn’t really want to fill my stomach with a helping of gumbolaya.  And I don’t think I could stop from ordering a fried shrimp po boy… and I just have this weakness for cajun and it would have ended up with me at the gym trying to work it all off.  Instead I see on their website that not only are they looking to open a new restaurant out in Hermosa Beach but they also are going to launch a quickserve restaurant.  Hopefully that will be closer to me.  Because really the only restaurant I drive out that far for is Lahaina…

Also I had a black cherry sorbetto at Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto truck.  Yes, it contained bits of cherry.  No it wasn’t creamy … because I’m lactose intolerant and I can choose food that doesn’t lead to regret.  It was nice on this very sunny Saturday.

I will also mention the My Delight CupCakery truck. I did not try this, but I do want to try their breakfast cupcake.  It’s like a pancake cupcake with bacon.  Bacon inside of it and bacon on top and it kinda sounds brilliant so hopefully at some point I will get the chance to try this.

And then I also saw Nonna’s Kitchenette and I didn’t try it but heaven knows I have a fondness for italian food.  Something tells me the hand rolled risotta balls are great.  And I’m not sure but a peanut butter, raspberry and prosciutto sandwich sounds like something I have to try.  Afterwards I will either herald it as a revelation or …not.

Lastly I want to say it was nice seeing Youngblood Hawke there.  I managed to go hours without mentioning to anyone that the band is named after a Herman Wouk book that I started but is very thick and unavailable on my Sony Reader (well I haven’t checked this month).  Soon they’re going to hear the sound the sound as we come running….

tote_bagI got a free bag with admission.  I left it in the trunk of my car.  I came to the realization that even though I don’t really need a bag, sometimes I do.  I live in Pasadena where stores don’t give out plastic bags and I never remember to have sufficient bags with me when I go to the market.  I’m hoping that I will be able to use this for groceries and it will be helpful and useful and I don’t forget to bring it with me.  If wishes were horses…


Trader Joe’s Espresso Pillows


I found a tin of amazing awesome delicious crack at Trader Joe’s.  Espresso Pillows which are self-described as “crunchy toffee espresso bits covered in dark chocolate.”  I describe them as an amazing taste explosion of tasty bits.  I like chocolate covered espresso beans but the addition of toffee makes it even better.

Serving size about 22 pieces (15g), 70 calories.

This is a positive review. One super happy face.

Trader Joe's
467 N Rosemead Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

Jammie Dodgers

I was at Cost Plus when I came across some Jammie Dodgers and of course I’ve heard about Jammie Dodgers because I watch Doctor Who.  Of course, being American means not having first hand experience with things like the Cheeky Chicken of Nandos (WHY IS NANDOS CHEEKY? Or rather, how) and of course the Jammy Dodger.

 Jammie Dodgers


And then I didn’t buy any because I thought oh my, it’s a pack of biscuits (cookies) and I’ll just eat them all and get fat.  I have so many containers of foodstuffs I’ve purchased and I haven’t eaten because I don’t want to open it because an unopened container of sweets doesn’t hurt anyone.  Well…I guess theoretically someone who needs to eat the sweets to survive but I refuse to acknowledge the existence of sugar vampires.

Look at me rambling on…

I made my purchases and went out to the car and sat for a bit considering and then I looked at the picture I had taken inside the store and then came to the conclusion that it was only $1.99 and I could probably distribute them to others.  So yes, I went back in and purchased them.

Taste wise, it reminded me of a mild shortbread and … swedish fish.  I like swedish fish, but I expected it to be more jammy.  I guess I could include a picture of the biscuit but they’re in another room now and if I open the bag again I might just eat another.

It gets one smiley face out of one smiley face.  This is a positive review.

Cost Plus World Market
3655 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107