My local independent bookstore @Vromans sold me an $18 slip of paper…I can see this going poorly

Chris Colfer (of Glee!) is coming to Vromans next Sunday at noon. Preorders for the ticketed event started today. I went down to my local branch (Vromans has a main store and a satellite in Hastings Ranch which is a bit more convenient for me to go to) and I bought one.

Well I think I bought one. I have a receipt that said I prepaid $18 although it doesn’t say what I prepaid. And I didn’t get my ticket that says my place in line (B group! I swear) … making me wonder just what is going to happen. Do I come back to Hastings Ranch to get my book and ticket the day of the event and then go to the main store?

J— assured me everything will be fine. I hope he’s right.