OH YOU’RE KIDDING ME: In which I discover @ned_vizzini has signed stock at BN Glendale AFTER I have purchased his new book

2013-04-28 22.29.49Interrupting my anecdotes of #BookFest for a quick post about a surprise discovery I made tonight…I went to Barnes & Noble in Glendale tonight because they sent me a coupon which was about to expire.  So I went in and bought LEGO.  (Be glad I don’t blog about me and LEGO).

While I was there I noticed a display for House of Secrets and there was an autographed copy sticker on it.   Continue reading “OH YOU’RE KIDDING ME: In which I discover @ned_vizzini has signed stock at BN Glendale AFTER I have purchased his new book”

A.S. King @AS_King wins a book prize and I get my books signed #BookFest

A.S. King (asking for a link to her website?  Right there).

One of the authors I did get to see at a booth was A.S. King who had just won a prize for her book.    The Los Angeles Times Book Prize for 2012 in Young Adult Literature was awarded to her for Ask the Passengers which is on my to be read list.  (As is pretty much all of western literature).

She was signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth and there wasn’t a line and I got books signed. Continue reading “A.S. King @AS_King wins a book prize and I get my books signed #BookFest”

Native Angeleno: Philippe’s

I am (basically) a native Angeleno. When in reality I am not. I was born in Fontana and I was raised in the Inland Empire so … I’m native to SoCal. And I basically live in Pasadena and that’s where I consider my family to be from.


Which is still weird because most of the people I know are not natives. People move here for various reasons and once our weather makes you soft it becomes rather difficult to leave.

Anywhats I figured I might as well discuss some things I know that other people might like to know.

Los Angeles claims to be the birthplace of the French Dip. And the best place to get a French Dip is Philippe’s in Los Angeles. The address I think is 1001 Alameda (The number is correct as I can see it painted over the door). And one of the great things about Philippe’s is they have free parking. Parking is very important to me and I assume it is to everyone in San Angeles.

The menu at Philippe’s is larger than I expect because really I think you should just stick with the dipped sandwiches. Pork, Beef, Ham, Lamb, and Turkey. Wait. what is the difference between the pork and the ham?!?

I just finished a lamb dip or else I would try to find out. Maybe I will come back tomorrow.

They also have some side salads. Macaroni, potato, cole slaw. I know the case also has pies and brownies. They also have refreshingly cheap beverages; lemonade, iced tea and coffee are all priced less than a dollar.

Oh. Forgot to mention. There’s sawdust on the floor.


Open seven days a week, 6am-10pm. Walking distance from Union Station. LA Museum of Railroading in the back. Serves alcohol. Very possibly my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Mixed seating; communal tables available. Oh. Don’t be surprised if there are lines out the door. It’s other people’s favorite restaurant too.

Free Idea: computer with built in coffee dispenser

I own a pretty spiffy computer. It’s a fairly recent iMac…not the newest, but the last ones that had DVD drives which is pretty important to me because sometimes I do silly things like buy CDs or rent DVDs.  The iMac is a fairly powerful beast and has a gorgeous display and overall I’m pleased with my purchase.

But I just had an idea of how it could be better.

It could dispense coffee.  (Or tea) Continue reading “Free Idea: computer with built in coffee dispenser”

Either Rachel Cohn doesn’t exist or I’m in some weird romcom with her? @rachelcohn #BookFest #Fail

mzi.tpvequcw.600x600-75 mzi.zvulvobu.600x600-75 mzi.syxwtlwp.600x600-75I very much enjoyed reading Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  My copies are not the movie tie in and I’m not really happy with the movie I’m sure my opinion would be different if I was attracted to the Cera like I am the Gosling. But I’m not.

Oh right I should explain the title of this post.  I’ve been trying to get my Rachel Cohn books signed but so far I haven’t had any luck.  This could be because she doesn’t actually exist (very unlikely) or that we’re both characters in some romantic comedy and we’re forbidden from meeting in the first act because when we do it will be very amusing and hilarity will ensue. Continue reading “Either Rachel Cohn doesn’t exist or I’m in some weird romcom with her? @rachelcohn #BookFest #Fail”

I was late but I still got a signature from Tim Federle @TimFederle #BookFest

9781442446908.600x600-75I’m about to reveal a secret about attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC that I found useful and sadly will probably forget next year.  But this is something I learned the hard way, by being late to the first author panel I wanted to see which included Tim Federle and Stephan Pastis.  (Apologies to Ellis Weiner, who was also on the panel but whose presence doesn’t add to my narrative)

TL; DR:  Stephan Pastis has more fans but I like Tim Federle more so I can live with the choices that I made.
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I did not get to see or talk to Jeremy Iversen. #BookFest #Fail

So … one of the first books I read on my Sony Reader was a book called High School Confidential and it was written by this guy Jeremy Iversen and it talks about his experiences at my high school.

This was after I graduated.

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House of Secrets Panel Ned Vizzini @ned_vizzini, Chris Columbus #BookFest

9780062192486.600x600-75TL; DR
:  I attended the panel with Ned Vizzini and Chris Columbus at LATFOB and just missed out on the opportunity to get a copy of their new book, House of Secrets. Continue reading “House of Secrets Panel Ned Vizzini @ned_vizzini, Chris Columbus #BookFest”

LATFOB the #BookFest Day One

I really should go to sleep.  I don’t even know why I went to the gym tonight.  Today was really tiring because it was like the book amusement park.  The book theme park.  No, I’m not going to call it the Disneyland of books because there was no admission.  HA.  YOU THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO BE CLICHE and I managed to avoid it.

So today is the first day of the 2013 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the annual big book event in Los Angeles where I’m surprised at how many people come around to look at book stuff and hear authors and what not.  Los Angeles is not a big reading town.  That’s one thing that I have noticed while traveling on the east coast…people with their noses in books (on mass transit and so forth).  And not shallow glossy magazines.  Books that sometimes impress me, the former bookseller and intellectual snob. Continue reading “LATFOB the #BookFest Day One”