Winger by Andrew Smith (@marburyjack) or the words won’t come.

What I really hate / love is when I finish a book and that book has caused an emotional reaction in me.  There have been a few over the years and these books are the GREAT books which keep me reading, keep me suffering through other books which are not great books.

I cannot write a review of Winger.  I just don’t have the facilities to express myself.

“Hahah[a] he broke you” – Alethea. Continue reading “Winger by Andrew Smith (@marburyjack) or the words won’t come.”

My Thumbs Up to Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

Today (yesterday) was a big event down at the Glendale Americana…a signing event for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters followed by a screening!  I have a poster signed by Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Levin Rambin, Brandon Jackson and Douglas Smith.  I of course didn’t think of a single relevant thing to say to them and didn’t take the opportunity to embarrass myself with exclamations of adoration or anything amusing to blog about.  Nice people.  I didn’t try to get them to sign the book…  Of course if I could get Logan to sign anything… probably would be my DVD of Perks of Being a Wallflower.

And then afterwards was a 3-D screening of the new movie.  I really enjoyed it.  Not just because I saw it for free or because I was plied with complimentary popcorn and soda.  The movie itself was enjoyable.  Maybe it will only interest people who saw the first film; but I thought it was fairly fun. Continue reading “My Thumbs Up to Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters”