Roy Choi: Everyone wants the answer. They want us to have the solution.

Everyone wants the answer.  They want us to have the solution.  But we don’t have a solution.  We’re just trying to feed and take care of people.  If we’re not perfect at the beginning, well, fuck it,man.  We’re a year old.  Give it time. – Roy Choi

Sometimes an east coast person will come west and try (food, restaurants, and so forth) and report negatively on it.  Probably missing some context or perhaps from their perspective, accurately depicting their opinions.  Recently Pete Wells of the New York Times gave Roy Choi’s LocoL zero stars.  And while I don’t know what exactly that means out of a general ignorance of the New York Times restaurant reviewing standards, I feel like saying “zero stars” suggests some colossal failure and reflects negatively on the food and experience in general. Continue reading “Roy Choi: Everyone wants the answer. They want us to have the solution.”

On Baseball, the most terrible of all sports

It’s been a very long time I think since I posted anything on this blog.  Probably did something silly and became employed and old and forgot that I have this habit of mansplaining throwing half baked ideas on the internet because either I feel like it needs to happen or I have no other way of expressing myself.

And it’s really been so long that I actually have been fairly submerged in baseball to an astonishing degree.  For a guy who never really cared about athleticism, this new interest in stickball is something that’s been going on for a few years now and it’s kind of isolating because I want to talk about baseball and very few people understand baseball, care about baseball, or able to understand the level of conversation that I am currently operating at.  (Internet baseball troll).

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NyQuil and automated check out

So … I know that I was not a big fan of the self-checkout movement.  Part of it was my perspective as a courtesy clerk and knowing that if we didn’t need more checkers, my route to promotion was limited.  Also, I don’t really trust people and the part where an employee stands around babysitting customers and machines means that the labor savings may not be as great as one might think.

But also. In the state of California.  You cannot purchase alcohol through self-checkout machines.  I understand this when you think of minors who are buying alcohol.  But I was trying to purchase NyQuil.  And yes, it says on the bottle 10% alcohol.  But I was thinking / hoping that the computer would not think of it as “alcoholic beverage” but “medicine / pharmaceutical” … but alas.  So if you ever find yourself trying to buy a bottle of NyQuil and get into the self-checkout line?  (in California) get out and go to a regular checkout line.

This month’s book club selection: The False Prince

Well.  I just finished this month’s YABC selection:  The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen, book one of The Ascendance Trilogy.  I cannot review it for fear that I will be assassinated and replaced by an orphan doppelgänger.  Until tomorrow’s meeting of course.  It might be a spirited meeting as one member has tweeted unhappiness.  Not me!

Catfish the TV Show: Dorion & Jeszica

I think the important thing to take from last night’s episode of Catfish:  the TV Show is that men and women communicate differently.

MEN.  When your girlfriend says “Oh, sweetie, I think you should do it.  This could be your thing.” may actually be a test.  What she might mean is “if you value your life, and I only assume you value me more than you value your life because I will kill you if you do this, then you will not pursue this.  You aren’t exactly an example of success so you should value this relationship that you have because when things go wrong and they will go wrong, nobody will be having sex with your sorry ass you usless sack of –”

And she’ll probably smile.

“I was told by Apple Care that I could walk into a store and get the part!”

There is a vine video that has recently gained a lot of attention.  In it, a female is shouting inside of an Apple Store (most likely the Apple Store at the Grove; I’ve been there several times and it has that large glass staircase in the middle).  Her message as captured on video is one of frustration as “I was told by Apple Care that I could walk into a store and get the part!”

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RT @antijokeapple Dear people who question why girls to go to the bathroom together, Hermoine went alone and got attacked by a troll

Memorial Day

According to wikipedia, Memorial Day is a day to remember people who died while in service in the United States armed forces.  It’s also the start of the summertime season which ends at labor day. Not the literal season of summer, but the period of time where movies tend to get big fluffy and explodey.  And as my aunt pointed out, the Japanese (Americans) also remember family members regardless if they passed in service to the country.  I am unable to visit the local cemetery where my grandparents are buried since I’m out of the state but this would be a day to take my little whisk broom and some flowers. Continue reading “Memorial Day”

May the Fourth be a Free Comic Book Day

Hey nerds. I hope you didn’t forget that today is Free Comic Book Day so go to your favorite comic book store and grab the free comic books.  Did you know that the free comic books are paid for by your favorite comic book store? SO BUY SOMETHING.  It’d be a shame if those poor comic book kids couldn’t afford pizza and ramen.


Because they would die / close the shop.

Also it’s May the Fourth, also known as that awful Star Wars pun day… Lego is offering some discounts and specials like … buy a B-Wing Starfighter, get a free Han Solo in Hoth Parka mini figure!  Also … the new super duper spiffy X-Wing should be in stores so go check that out and spend several hours snapping the bricks together.  (Or watch videos of people doing it on YouTube).

I HAVE A LIFE.  Sometimes.

Free Idea: computer with built in coffee dispenser

I own a pretty spiffy computer. It’s a fairly recent iMac…not the newest, but the last ones that had DVD drives which is pretty important to me because sometimes I do silly things like buy CDs or rent DVDs.  The iMac is a fairly powerful beast and has a gorgeous display and overall I’m pleased with my purchase.

But I just had an idea of how it could be better.

It could dispense coffee.  (Or tea) Continue reading “Free Idea: computer with built in coffee dispenser”