One thing that Kobo does better than Sony is FOOTNOTES

Okay so I’ve been using the Sony Readers since PRS-500 which predates the touch interface.  I’ve never been happy with how they handled footnotes.  You would be taken out of the text to jump to the footnote probably at the end of the chapter and then you’d have to hit the back button to jump back… Of course if for some reason the footnote paginated … anyways.

My experience with the Kobo Aura and footnotes has been much better.  A small dialogue box pops up with the text of the footnote over the text which I can easily dismiss.  I don’t feel like I’m bouncing back and forth in the book.  I suppose I should include pictures and what not but I’m not going to because I doubt anyone really cares about this sort of thing.  I mean anyone else.

Remembering Ned Vizzini at Skylight Books

Hey. I didn’t say anything because I have issues with public speaking so I like to put words together first so I know that I have words and I’m not just standing around looking like I’m trying to say something or make a point when I’m just trying to think because communication words don’t come easily to me.

Tonight, some people, especially young adult writers came together to remember Ned Vizzini, the talented young adult author who committed suicide right before Christmas last year.  Some selections from his books were read out loud as well as some personal recollections.  Some really nice things were said.  Ned will be remembered as a caring and intelligent guy. Continue reading “Remembering Ned Vizzini at Skylight Books”

Grasshopper Jungle

9781101590065.600x600-75Grasshopper Jungle is a new book by Andrew Smith.  I have previously read books by Andrew Smith such as WingerStick, and The Path of Falling Objects.  I’ve been looking forward to this book for several months.  Feels like nearly a year.  A year of John Corey Whaley hyping the book to me.  A year of trying to get my hands on the galley.  An exaggerated year of trying to figure out what the book is about.

And the book comes out on Tuesday.  So soon you will be able to find out.  I finished a free advanced reader’s copy I got from Netgalley so there may have been some changes in the finished copy then what I read.

Things that the book reminded me of:  mid-century science fiction films, Lost, Venture Bros, plus a fairly honest look at teenage boys in the middle of nowhere Iowa.