About me

David Yenoki.

I’m a webdeveloper by trade.  I’ve worked on PHP and Ruby on Rails projects.  I also can do some javascript and jQuery but I’m not proud of the prototype hacks.  I’m from a small college town in southern California called Claremont where there are more trees than people (I assume).  I was formerly a political science major but more importantly I like books.

I’m a member of a local book club, the YA Book Council and I’m prone to attending book events and what not.  I was a bookseller for over five years with our dearly departed Borders Books, Music and Café.  I don’t know where it is exactly but I do have my five year lanyard.  Which is very special because as I understand it they don’t give those out anymore.

I recently attended BEA 2013.  BookExpo America is “the largest annual book trade show in America” according to wikipedia.  I attended ALA (American Library Association) back when it was in Anaheim and I hope to attend Vegas next year.  Book convention road trip?  YES PLEASE.

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