The Nintendo 3DS and the quest for the green light

I don’t recommend reading this post if you do not care about Nintendo, foursquare check ins, and so forth.  Last night I downloaded the system update for the Nintendo 3DS to unlock the StreetPass Relay Points.  And then today I went around to several places to try and use said StreetPass Relay Points.  This is a recap of where I went.

Started off at a Starbucks.  I actually opened the Nintendo Zone application but according to the Nintendo website the StreetPass Relay will only work while in sleep.  Then I went to a Best Buy.  Across the street was another Starbucks.  I did wander into a Game Stop but no green lights there.

I’d like to point out that I would be much more likely to go into a Game Stop if the people there were more Nintendo-friendly.  Why are they not Nintendo Zones?

Then I went to a Barnes & Noble but they were actually closed because of a power outage that hit the Montclair Plaza (mall).  (No mention of it from @MontclairPlaza … that’s a social media fail right there).

Then I went to another Barnes & Noble and another Best Buy and another Starbucks while passing by a AT&T store.

I guess that’s it.  Only seven/eight possible places?  Whatever.  Oh … I forgot to stop at every McDonalds I passed by too.  Ooops.  Probably a good thing; I have more Monopoly game pieces then I’d like to admit.  (More than ten)

I did get two people at my gates today … but I don’t know if I actually passed them or if that was a StreetPass Relay.

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