Either Rachel Cohn doesn’t exist or I’m in some weird romcom with her? @rachelcohn #BookFest #Fail

mzi.tpvequcw.600x600-75 mzi.zvulvobu.600x600-75 mzi.syxwtlwp.600x600-75I very much enjoyed reading Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  My copies are not the movie tie in and I’m not really happy with the movie I’m sure my opinion would be different if I was attracted to the Cera like I am the Gosling. But I’m not.

Oh right I should explain the title of this post.  I’ve been trying to get my Rachel Cohn books signed but so far I haven’t had any luck.  This could be because she doesn’t actually exist (very unlikely) or that we’re both characters in some romantic comedy and we’re forbidden from meeting in the first act because when we do it will be very amusing and hilarity will ensue.

Unlikely, since I prefer the company of Goslings.

I was at the very amusing YA event “The Yappiest Day on Earth” … well the signing after the part where people went to Disneyland… and I had my books there but she was the only author I didn’t get signatures for.  I had a lovely time talking with Martha Brockenbrough (and Lish McBride and Cecil Castelucci and others).  But no Rachel.  Sad face.

And then I saw that she was doing a panel at LATFOB and I was excited that this was my second chance!  So I brought my books along….but her panel started while I was in the Ned Vizzini / Chris Columbus / House of Secrets panel and then with their signing line I didn’t get the chance to see Rachel Cohn.  Sad face.

So it looks like I’m going to have to start actively stalking (not in the creeper in the bush, more like paying attention to her on twitter for upcoming book events) her if I really want my books signed.

I really needed a time turner on Saturday…but Hermione didn’t give me one.

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