Native Angeleno: Philippe’s

I am (basically) a native Angeleno. When in reality I am not. I was born in Fontana and I was raised in the Inland Empire so … I’m native to SoCal. And I basically live in Pasadena and that’s where I consider my family to be from.


Which is still weird because most of the people I know are not natives. People move here for various reasons and once our weather makes you soft it becomes rather difficult to leave.

Anywhats I figured I might as well discuss some things I know that other people might like to know.

Los Angeles claims to be the birthplace of the French Dip. And the best place to get a French Dip is Philippe’s in Los Angeles. The address I think is 1001 Alameda (The number is correct as I can see it painted over the door). And one of the great things about Philippe’s is they have free parking. Parking is very important to me and I assume it is to everyone in San Angeles.

The menu at Philippe’s is larger than I expect because really I think you should just stick with the dipped sandwiches. Pork, Beef, Ham, Lamb, and Turkey. Wait. what is the difference between the pork and the ham?!?

I just finished a lamb dip or else I would try to find out. Maybe I will come back tomorrow.

They also have some side salads. Macaroni, potato, cole slaw. I know the case also has pies and brownies. They also have refreshingly cheap beverages; lemonade, iced tea and coffee are all priced less than a dollar.

Oh. Forgot to mention. There’s sawdust on the floor.


Open seven days a week, 6am-10pm. Walking distance from Union Station. LA Museum of Railroading in the back. Serves alcohol. Very possibly my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Mixed seating; communal tables available. Oh. Don’t be surprised if there are lines out the door. It’s other people’s favorite restaurant too.

Free Idea: computer with built in coffee dispenser

I own a pretty spiffy computer. It’s a fairly recent iMac…not the newest, but the last ones that had DVD drives which is pretty important to me because sometimes I do silly things like buy CDs or rent DVDs.  The iMac is a fairly powerful beast and has a gorgeous display and overall I’m pleased with my purchase.

But I just had an idea of how it could be better.

It could dispense coffee.  (Or tea) Continue reading “Free Idea: computer with built in coffee dispenser”