Free Idea: computer with built in coffee dispenser

I own a pretty spiffy computer. It’s a fairly recent iMac…not the newest, but the last ones that had DVD drives which is pretty important to me because sometimes I do silly things like buy CDs or rent DVDs.  The iMac is a fairly powerful beast and has a gorgeous display and overall I’m pleased with my purchase.

But I just had an idea of how it could be better.

It could dispense coffee.  (Or tea)

I was thinking that perhaps if there was a liquid cooling mechanism that heated water, that water could be used to make coffee or tea or something.  And if it could do that on a schedule or something I think it might be nice.  Perhaps it could also have a special sensor to tell when I’ve fallen asleep at the keyboard … (which I haven’t done in years) or if it thinks that I’m spending too much time staring at the screen and I need a little help thinking.

Maybe this is the next thing?  Computers that pay attention to us.  It’s like a music player that notices you’re working out and you seem to be lagging so it shuffles to an up tempo song to see if it can get you moving.

I’m too lazy to do any research and I don’t want to monetize it so I’m just putting it out there as a free idea.  If some computer company (maybe named for a fruit) wanted to make it come to fruition that might be nice.  Heck, even if some awful other computer company wanted to see it happen I’d be okay with that as well as long as other companies are allowed to use it too.  Free idea.  For everyone.  Everyone who drinks coffee and uses computers.

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