Vromans Pop Up sucks up my cash

Oh Vromans. You are my local independent bookstore and I have given you lots of my moneys. I am the mayor of your Hastings Ranch branch and for some reason you think my address is the location of your old Museum Store on Lake Avenue. But when you tweeted that you opened up a temporary Pop Up store so like a fool I came by and purchased seventeen books at a time when I wasn’t looking for books to read.  (Of course they’re all remainders but they were half off the stickered price)

Selections include:

  1. Blue Bloods the graphic novel
  2. Smollett’s The Expedition of Humphry Clinker!  “The most laughable story that has ever been written since the goodly art of novel-writing began”
  3. American Turnaround.  I remember Ed Whitacre was on like The Daily Show or something.
  4. Fresh Off the Boat.  I saw this in Entertainment Weekly and had no intention of purchasing it.
  5. Native Son.  Also known as a book I didn’t read in high school.
  6. The Orphan Master’s Son.  Also known as the book that John Green says beats The Fault In Our Stars.  I don’t know if it’s better or if people just vote for it more or who knows what.
  7. Every You, Every Me.  A novel by David Levithan that I did not enjoy.  As I recall I purchased the eBook and was hoping that seeing the pictures on paper would be an improvement.
  8. You Killed Wesley Payne.  I just met Sean Beaudoin and sadly he went back home to Seattle so it’s not going to be easy to get him to sign this copy but I remember looking at it in bookstores before.
  9. Divergent.
  10. In-N-Out Burger.  I own this in hardcover but it’s in boxes.
  11. The Lightning Thief.  Maybe I’ll even get around to Sea of Monsters in time for the movie!
  12. Scarlet.  I forget if I got this in ARC at ALA.  But if not, here it is!
  13. Distrust That Particular Flavor.
  14. Immortal City.  Because you know, unrealistically beautiful angels need to be objectified in text.
  15. and a signed copy of Reached!