A.S. King @AS_King wins a book prize and I get my books signed #BookFest

A.S. King (asking for a link to her website?  Right there).

One of the authors I did get to see at a booth was A.S. King who had just won a prize for her book.    The Los Angeles Times Book Prize for 2012 in Young Adult Literature was awarded to her for Ask the Passengers which is on my to be read list.  (As is pretty much all of western literature).

She was signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth and there wasn’t a line and I got books signed.

YABC read one of her books previously.  The Dust of 100 Dogs which I seem to have give three out of five stars.  I don’t remember most of the book but I left a comment that I appreciated the unexpected dog training tips.  There’s pirates in it and I think a fairly predictable supernatural romance.  So I had that on hand and I got it signed.

Of course I picked up Ask the Passengers.  I like to think that books that win prizes have some merit so that was encouraging.  I also had heard good things or read good things or somehow came under the influence that Everybody Sees the Ants is also a good book that I should read.

So I guess the net result is two additions to the TBR, and three books signed.  She didn’t really have a line which could be because I believe this wasn’t her first appearance of the day or perhaps it was because attendees don’t have the time and resources to know that she is an Award Winning Author that should be read.

I have thought about having my own awards…and I think the primary reason why I don’t is I don’t know if anyone would pay attention to them.

update:  Also, her upcoming book Reality Boy looks interesting too.  It seems to be what would happen if Honey Boo Boo was a boy and developed emotional disturbances in his teenage years.

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