Your weather sucks, but mine is iced coffee

Winter ended a while ago. I wasn’t really paying attention to the when but since I live in Southern California, it really wasn’t a long harsh winter. And now during the day it’s lovely so it’s easy to say that it’s Spring, especially considering the first day of Spring passed a few days ago and I didn’t notice because its so nice outside anyways.

The weather is so lovely that I have found a nice substitute for me normal drink which I’m currently abstaining from. I have traditionally consumed diet coke for my daily caffeine supply, but I may or may not have given up soda for lent. It sounds trivial to suggest that somehow Our Lord giving himself up on the Cross and Suffering until his death can somehow be equated to not drinking fizzy water but then again I can’t really suggest that I have accepted Joshua as my personal savior.

It’s almost like I like the idea of lent more than having to go through all of the believing.

Last year I gave up meat. Except for fish. And even on Sundays because I feel like the Catholic Church was a little lax on their requirements. So it was more than 40 days but really I let myself off early because I ate fish. Wasn’t too much suffering. Maybe I should try giving up carbs instead.

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