The world looks strange through new glasses

Confession:  I had been using the same pair of glasses for over five years.

Of all the equipment I use it seems the one I use the most I paid the least amount of attention to.  I’ve been wearing glasses for several years and I’m ok with that.  I grew up knowing I would wear glasses because I figured that since both of my parents had glasses it was expected and natural that I would inherit their myopia.

At the same time I may be afraid of going blind.  Neither parent is blind — at least they have not informed me in conversation — so it may just be a personal fear of mine.  And every time I go to the optometrist my prescription gets stronger and stronger and I figure it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable.  Note:  I found out today that it’s not necessarily true as my maternal grandfather’s eyes actually got better.

Anyhow I ordered a pair of glasses from Warby Parker and today they were delivered.  I believe I ordered last Monday so it took a week for them to arrive.  Not too long, but not amazingly quick.  (Newegg spoiled me by getting me equipment next day with no additional charge).  I like the frames but I’m adjusting to the lenses.  Looking straight ahead is fine but if I look through the sides, it’s not clear and I don’t exactly know why that is.  I’ll be moving my head around more I suppose.

Driving was an odd experience.  Being able to see the texture of asphalt is something I haven’t noticed from behind the wheel in … who knows how long.  Tonight I could see individual blades of grass as if somebody applied a drop shadow to make each blade stand out.  So odd.

The world has so much more detail and texture.  Sadly that seems to be dirt, scratches, cracks and pores.  I really want to go to Disneyland to see what that actually looks like.  I would have seen a movie today but I didn’t see any listings for something I would go see.  I guess I could try Oz in 3D … I think the 3D effect on my Nintendo 3DS has been improved with these glasses too.