Being sick is awesome (not)

My body may not reflect a gym-heavy routine but before yesterday I had been on a sixty-one day straight streak going to the gym.  But yesterday I was feeling sick and it was probably something I ate because at some point I was expelling some really awful gas.  Burping.  Farting.  Awful.

And then it came down to plan V which really wasn’t my choice but I don’t know why I resisted it.  There are times when vomiting is the solution.  And I think that was the situation last night.  There was actually two rounds of vomiting half an hour apart.  At the end I think I ran out of contents in my stomach but then I felt a lot better and I almost went to the gym.

But I figured I’d take the day off.  And being sick means I didn’t gain any weight…I lost nearly five pounds.  So I guess it’s okay to take a day off now and then.  Can you imagine how awful it would be to be vomiting at the gym?  Terrible.

Some of my family suggested that I was having a reaction from visiting the Reagan Library.