The Pantages tries to buy my love with chocolate

Once again the Pantages is trying to get me to renew my subscription for their 2013-14 season.  I don’t expect that they know why I have not yet renewed; I haven’t sent them any response nor do I expect that they have encountered my previous post explaining my lack of enthusiasm.  One must admire their persistence in the matter; perhaps others have likewise cooled to their subscriptions after enduring Jekyll & Hyde and facing a new season with shows they’ve previously enjoyed.

At the performance of Catch Me If You Can I noticed cards placed at my seats that read:

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Ronnie + Nancy (The Reagans)

I really should write a more in depth post about my trip to the Reagan Library but it’s late I’m tired and there’s other posts I haven’t made and I want to do them in order.  But I will say that I learned this about Ronald Reagan that I did not know:  The man loved his wife very much.  The library has some of the most cornball telegrams you have ever read.  That’s sweet…sweeter than jellybeans.