YABC the Young Adult Book Council

I am a member of a book club.  The Young Adult Book Council or YABC meets monthly and we’ve been meeting for over five years.  I think that’s pretty impressive.  I will admit that I haven’t been the best member … back in 2008 I didn’t read five of the selections.  In 2009 I didn’t finish two of the books and in 2011 I missed one of those as well.  I’m getting better but then again I also think the book selections are getting better.

One of the five books I didn’t read in 2008 was Breaking Dawn.  I haven’t read any of the twilight books and I didn’t want to read them out of order and I didn’t want to read all of them.  There’s always that one chance that I might actually enjoy them and then I would just feel awful about having been so harsh on my prejudgements.  This is one of those circumstances where I have a comfortable ignorance about Twilight and so forth.  However next week I just might get the opportunity to meet Stephanie Meyer and I’m going to try and read The Host before then.  Fingers crossed I don’t regret that plan.

On my iPad I keep a document in Pages containing the previous book selections in month and who picked it.  I have not always been especially proud of my selections.  At one point I selected Ned Vizinni’s Be More Chill and I finished it early realized that it was awful so I went to a challenged classic I had never read: The Giver.

Next weekend we’re doing a book swap.  I’ve been trying to find appropriate titles to use for the book swap.  It’s kind of hard because most of the books in my library I haven’t read so I don’t know if I want to get rid of them.  Also, I figured I should stay in an age appropriate realm.  You know, teenagers nervous about sex, not sex hounds dripping with fluids.  (And so forth)  Through the various boxes of books I have I did come across some of the old selections from those early years in the group and I don’t know if I should get rid of them…some of them I think I should read first 🙂

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