Memorial Day

According to wikipedia, Memorial Day is a day to remember people who died while in service in the United States armed forces.  It’s also the start of the summertime season which ends at labor day. Not the literal season of summer, but the period of time where movies tend to get big fluffy and explodey.  And as my aunt pointed out, the Japanese (Americans) also remember family members regardless if they passed in service to the country.  I am unable to visit the local cemetery where my grandparents are buried since I’m out of the state but this would be a day to take my little whisk broom and some flowers.

I’m watching the memorial video of my cousin Tara; her mother (the previously mentioned aunt) asked me to post it to YouTube so I’m rewatching it and reflecting.

I probably don’t have to remind you to remember the people in your life that live on in your heart.  How you wish you could tell them that you love them and you miss them.  And that perhaps because of them you are a better person or you’re trying to be a better person.

I often try to hide my emotions; I don’t think that’s especially healthy but regardless I tend to prefer not to let people see me cry.  Instead I’m blogging at 2am about it and assuming nobody will read it.  Upload is almost done.  I paused the video to write or distract myself or collect my thoughts.

Crap.  There I go again.

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