“I was told by Apple Care that I could walk into a store and get the part!”

There is a vine video that has recently gained a lot of attention.  In it, a female is shouting inside of an Apple Store (most likely the Apple Store at the Grove; I’ve been there several times and it has that large glass staircase in the middle).  Her message as captured on video is one of frustration as “I was told by Apple Care that I could walk into a store and get the part!”

I am blissfully ignorant of the particular situation that caused this outburst, however I feel obligated to comment on it because after all this is the internet, and what is the internet filled with but people’s opinions about things they have absolutely no authority or expertise in.  Look, I’m a human being and what I say is right so read my comments and validate me or something.  (No, not really.  Not me.  I’m saying in general.  That’s the internet.)

I don’t know exactly what causes me to reject her behavior but I am convinced that I could never behave in this fashion.  I would ordinarily suggest that it’s a cultural thing, and that my asian-ness prevents me from causing a scene just for personal gain.  I would suggest that, but I can imagine some of my family being able to draw attention to themselves in an outburst.  So maybe it’s more of an introvert thing.

To the unknown lady whom I cannot help but judge unaided by actual background information:  I am sorry.  I think that you are acting in a manner that detracts from the efficient operation of the retail environment.  To that end, you become a nail that requires a hammer.  And just in case other nails get the idea that if they misbehave their needs get met:  we shall have to deal with you in a manner that publicly demonstrates that what you have done is not something others should emulate.

Isn’t this the purpose behind our system of laws?  Perhaps I have an over-idealized notion of the judicial system.  Where wrong action is followed by punishment.  I believe somewhere in my education it was suggested to me that the system of laws really only exists to perpetuate the property of the property owners and maintain an environment of order.  Fairly cynical view, don’t you think?

I am concerned for the child in the stroller.  Their whole childhood will be spent — okay, not the entire childhood.  It is my impression that the lady whom I assume is the mother probably uses others to attend to the child.  Send them away and the children are fine out of thought out of mind out of sight!  But what exposure they have to this possible mother figure will be traumatic.  They may grow up to behave in the same way.  “I’ve spent years watching my mother demonstrating that this is a way she gets her needs met.  What other model for behavior do I have?”

It is not for the state to say  that a person is awful and that their children would best be raised by others.  However, in the fantasy world of the philosopher king, that intellectual omniscient despot might see fit to have the child rescued from their battered stroller and liberated from years of exposure to this.

Perhaps … perhaps this was staged and she is an actress and the whole thing is a fabrication.

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