Body Mass Index Obsession

Those of you who know me may have noticed that I am not a skinny person.

I don’t even know what I’m trying to say with this post.  I’m obese.  I’m taking steps to become less obese.  My goal right now is to be overweight.  Out of context that sounds bad, but what I meant is I would like to decrease my body mass index from the “obese range” to the “overweight range” which is what stands in between me and “normal” …so that’s a goal.

As it stands I have fourteen pounds to shed before I pass the threshold between “obese” and “overweight.”  I don’t think I’m going to make regular updates about my weight, but if you want, I’m tracking everything on fitbit.  We can be friends.

Being sick is awesome (not)

My body may not reflect a gym-heavy routine but before yesterday I had been on a sixty-one day straight streak going to the gym.  But yesterday I was feeling sick and it was probably something I ate because at some point I was expelling some really awful gas.  Burping.  Farting.  Awful.

And then it came down to plan V which really wasn’t my choice but I don’t know why I resisted it.  There are times when vomiting is the solution.  And I think that was the situation last night.  There was actually two rounds of vomiting half an hour apart.  At the end I think I ran out of contents in my stomach but then I felt a lot better and I almost went to the gym.

But I figured I’d take the day off.  And being sick means I didn’t gain any weight…I lost nearly five pounds.  So I guess it’s okay to take a day off now and then.  Can you imagine how awful it would be to be vomiting at the gym?  Terrible.

Some of my family suggested that I was having a reaction from visiting the Reagan Library.

Ronnie + Nancy (The Reagans)

I really should write a more in depth post about my trip to the Reagan Library but it’s late I’m tired and there’s other posts I haven’t made and I want to do them in order.  But I will say that I learned this about Ronald Reagan that I did not know:  The man loved his wife very much.  The library has some of the most cornball telegrams you have ever read.  That’s sweet…sweeter than jellybeans.

Happy Pi Day Everybody!

Well I know I wouldn’t have remembered it but those nice people at O’Reilly Media sent me a reminder email and also offering to sell me math and science ebooks.  Today is Pi day, celebrated approximately on March 14th.  Oooo maybe we could celebrate it at March 14th at 1:59 am….

Anyways I think I’ll celebrate by watching Back to the Future on the big screen!

And by eating pie, naturally.

The world looks strange through new glasses

Confession:  I had been using the same pair of glasses for over five years.

Of all the equipment I use it seems the one I use the most I paid the least amount of attention to.  I’ve been wearing glasses for several years and I’m ok with that.  I grew up knowing I would wear glasses because I figured that since both of my parents had glasses it was expected and natural that I would inherit their myopia.

At the same time I may be afraid of going blind.  Neither parent is blind — at least they have not informed me in conversation — so it may just be a personal fear of mine.  And every time I go to the optometrist my prescription gets stronger and stronger and I figure it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable.  Note:  I found out today that it’s not necessarily true as my maternal grandfather’s eyes actually got better.

Anyhow I ordered a pair of glasses from Warby Parker and today they were delivered.  I believe I ordered last Monday so it took a week for them to arrive.  Not too long, but not amazingly quick.  (Newegg spoiled me by getting me equipment next day with no additional charge).  I like the frames but I’m adjusting to the lenses.  Looking straight ahead is fine but if I look through the sides, it’s not clear and I don’t exactly know why that is.  I’ll be moving my head around more I suppose.

Driving was an odd experience.  Being able to see the texture of asphalt is something I haven’t noticed from behind the wheel in … who knows how long.  Tonight I could see individual blades of grass as if somebody applied a drop shadow to make each blade stand out.  So odd.

The world has so much more detail and texture.  Sadly that seems to be dirt, scratches, cracks and pores.  I really want to go to Disneyland to see what that actually looks like.  I would have seen a movie today but I didn’t see any listings for something I would go see.  I guess I could try Oz in 3D … I think the 3D effect on my Nintendo 3DS has been improved with these glasses too.