The new iPad Air will make your life better … or will it?

Hey people.  So it looks like the embargo against iPad Air reviews have lifted and internet journalists have been able to post their reviews of the new iPad Air that is available for sale this Friday.  There’s something I think you should know that will greatly effect the lives of anyone who is contemplating purchasing the new iPad Air.There are a few things that I think are great improvements in the new iPad Air.  The processor is twice as fast and is 64-bit.  My iPad (with Retina Display, the 3rd generation model) is like driving at 25 miles per hour.  Oh no, gotta drive carefully because the children are at school!

The new iPad Air is like driving at 100 miles per hour.  You got some place to go?  It will get you there fast.  Not twice as fast.  Four times as fast.  (Slight exaggeration; iPad Air does not actually transport people).  Nor will it slam into things and kill everyone.  Well.  It could.  Probably won’t.

And then the whole thing is lighter.  And thinner.  How is it lighter?  Smaller battery.  Why smaller battery?  Because it doesn’t need a huge battery.

And because of this, the number one feature that I think is super great and people should know about is:


Yeah.  Like the previous model would take an hour longer to charge.

I have an opinion about electrical vehicles and what not.  The largest barrier to mass adoption of electrical vehicles is not range.  It’s how long it takes to charge them.  Okay sure, some people can charge them overnight.  Not the people who park on the street and so forth.  The Chevy Volt answers this by packing a gas engine that can also charge the battery.  But I think the answer is going to be something like:  I want to spend no more than fifteen minutes to get a whole day’s use out of my car.

Oh, and the car should have wifi.  Just sayin’

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