Speculative post on the new iPhone 5S after the launch of said phone but before I have seen it

I fear there is a problem with the internet.  This problem is that some people are getting paid.  I’m not getting paid for my opinions or to have an opinion.  Other people are and so sometimes what they say seems a bit suspect.  Or rather I warn you that a lot of what you read online is bullshit, much like what you see on telly.

Before the new iPhone 5S was announced it was a little amusing to hear people discuss things they didn’t know about or only suspected about.  And then after the announcement, there was further discussion about the phone, generally by people who didn’t actually have access to the phone or any reliable sources of information.So really, I think I’m on equal footing with these people.  All of my information comes from other people’s accounts and then get muddled and faded in my mind.  And that’s fine, because the new iPhone is simultaneously important and unimportant.

Is there a new iPhone?  Yes, there are new iPhones.  Are they better than the previous iPhone?  Generally yes.  Do I recommend the new iPhone?  Yes.  Will I hold your opinion in contempt if somehow you disagree with the idea that the new iPhone is better than the previous iPhone?


It’s weird.  I feel like I need to remind people of one of the fundamental principles of American society.  I remember that I actually learned it from an old Bloom County comic strip:  Money Talks.  Let’s say you have a publication.  It is available for “free” online.  How is this publication funded?  Probably via paid advertisement.  Do you say nice things about the people who pay for advertising?  Probably of course.

Link:  Asymco, The cost of selling Galaxies

Samsung buys a lot of money on marketing.  Am I suggesting that there is a connection between negative press for Apple, positive press for Samsung, and disproportionate ratio in spending on marketing?  Yes.

I am a little upset because I am tracking an iPhone 5S that is being shipped from China.  And the same model was available for in store pickup at all of the nearby Apple Stores.  I won’t receive the shipment until Thursday.  If I had waited I could have had the phone sooner.  Wait, upset is not the correct word.  Disappointed.  Like my feelings towards the House of Representatives.

There’s really only three features to talk about the new iPhone.  Faster processor.  Improved camera.  Fingerprint scanner.

The A7 processor is assumed to be faster.

The camera reportedly takes better pictures.  I like the idea of a dual LED flash.  And a slow motion video just offers the potential for a lot of abuse.  Gratuitous video of the otherwise unexceptional mundane motion in my life.

And the fingerprint scanner?  Because I have been annoyed when people read my PIN as I type it and then use it to look at my phone.  Privacy.  I promise I don’t have pictures of my genitals on my phone.  But I do have my bank balance.  The fingerprint scanner just offers a little comfort to increase my peace of mind.


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