Funny thing, this M7 co-processor

This is a post about the M7 co-processor that is one of the new features inside of the iPhone.  And while it’s not filled with anything more than anecdotal information so if you’re looking for graphics and charts, you won’t find them.

I noticed that somebody in my rss feed had a list of apps for us lucky iPhone 5s users that take advantage of the M7 motion co-processor.  Thought I might give one of the free pedometer apps a try.  When I installed it and opened it I was amused to see that it already had a step count in for today.  And yesterday.  And the day before.Now I think I remember that the M7 processor is sort of a thing that is constantly working and logging activity as it goes on.  So using it isn’t going to drain your battery; your battery is already being drained by it.  It’s not like you have an app that is watching your every move and then thinking aha!  A step has been made.  Increase the step count number by one!

Instead it seems this app just periodically asks the M7 … how many steps since (midnight?) and the M7 says “5,432” and then the app tells you.  Fairly simple.

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