The Case of the Dead Logitech K760

This was rather amusing.  Wait, opposite of amusing. I did not enjoy this.  Last night I sat in front of my iMac and tried to operate with little success because my keyboard was not working.  Last year I had purchased the Logitech K760 which is this lovely solar powered device that can pair with up to three bluetooth devices.  It’s great because I can use it with my iMac, my iPad and my iPhone.  When it works, that’s great and I’m happy.  But last night not only did it not work, it didn’t flash lights indicating that something was very wrong.

This morning I put it out in the direct sunlight hoping that the batteries were just super discharged and I finally got a red “low battery light.”  I then put it inside near a window as I was going out and about for a bit and I came back and everything seems to be working well.

I guess the lesson learned is that sometimes like plants, keyboards need proper sunlight.  Putting them under a CFL may not be enough for them to thrive with.

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