MOST ANTICIPATED NEW BOOK OF 2014: Noggin by John Corey Whaley (@corey_whaley)

Noggin comp rev2 Guys, I’m excited.  I’m sure there are other books that are coming out in 2014.  Probably not a new Harry Potter book.  Maybe some new entry in a series about paranormal vampires from space.  Who cares, right?  But let me tell you I’m super excited about a book that was just announced today:  Noggin by John Corey Whaley.

John Corey Whaley wrote the Printz Prize winning book Where Things Come Back which of course is the subject of the twitter game I play Where is Where Things Come Back.  That book is the story about brothers and woodpeckers and Arkansas but not brothers who are woodpeckers in Arkansas.  You should read it.  Some of you have already read it, and I think you should re-read it.  I know it’s on my TBR list even though I’ve read it.  Consider that.

Noggin seems to be more of a science fiction story in which a young man named Travis Coates’ cryo-preserved head is attached to somebody else’s body.

Source:  EW’s Shelf Life, Printz Award Winner John Corey Whaley talks ‘Noggin.’  Also, see the cover — EXCLUSIVE

They probably do a better job of explaining the plot.  They would.

I was going to list all of the things he mentioned but really I only care about Aaron Hartzler’s Rapture Practice and Andrew Smith’s Winger.

You know … at the end of 2012? beginning of this year? I was asked what book I was most looking forward to in 2013.  I had no idea what was coming out this year.  That changes this year because I now have an answer for 2014.  Noggin by John Corey Whaley.  Look for it.  Pre-order it.  Read it.

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  1. I should point out that when I say “Guys” it’s because I’m kinda male gender centric and I don’t want to only address males. I guess I could say something like “Hey y’all” but that’s not really how I talk. So … Hey Girls…. Um, you shouldn’t feel excluded nor should you feel like I don’t value your gender as your gender.

    I forgot to mention that my second most anticipated book of 2014 is Andrew Smith’s Grasshopper Jungle but I don’t know anything about that book other than Andrew Smith says he has a book coming out in 2014 called Grasshopper Jungle. When I get a cover or a description then I might be able to formulate a more accurate evaluation of desirability.


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