BEA 2013 Haul post

I find other people posting about all the things they got annoying and obnoxious so of course I’ve done one myself … because when you confess your own hypocrisy it stinks just a little bit less.

I could wait until all of my books come home to me … I mailed some to myself because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to transport them all.  These fears may have been unnecessary and since I didn’t pay for the tracking information there’s no way of knowing if those five media mail envelopes will ever arrive.  But they were the less important books to me and I felt that losing them wouldn’t be a great loss.  Shall we begin?  I may also talk about books I purchased on my trip…do people do haul posts on purchases?  Of course they do.  Exhibitionist shoppers.  My goodness I’m becoming some capitalist stooge. Continue reading “BEA 2013 Haul post”

Some people didn’t know what they were getting into: Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Some people return from New York City and promptly attend a touring production of Priscilla:  Queen of the Desert.  People like me.

According to me, I’ve had a very mixed experience with subscribing to the Pantages this season.  There was the fantastically funny Book of Mormon, the dreadful Jekyll & Hyde, the mixed bag that is Catch Me If You Can, the uncharming Beauty & the Beast, and now we have a bunch of drag queens lip syncing to pop hits of yesteryear.

Which, short of a book of mormon shoved up a young man’s ass, is the best thing they’ve had all season. Continue reading “Some people didn’t know what they were getting into: Priscilla Queen of the Desert”