Summer of YA: Allen Zadoff, author of Boy Nobody @allenzadoff

I may not post as much about the Summer of YA event that was held today at the Barnes & Noble in beautiful Glendale California.  Basically it was a great opportunity to spend some time talking with a bunch of YA authors and I don’t know why you didn’t attend … assuming you didn’t of course.  Some of you did attend like me, Alethea and Andrew Smith.

In preparation for today I finished Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff.  Our protagonist is a teenage assassin who infiltrates lives and murders parents.  I remember hearing about it when it first came out and I was intrigued by the premise, so I downloaded the sample in iBooks and I was pretty hooked.

I was afraid that with a premise like that the book was going to fall into tired tropes and uninspired action sequences. I was very well pleased to report that I was very well engaged and that I didn’t find the book predictable. It’s not a revolutionary book and it’s not like I feel the need to climb up to the roof and shout at everyone who passes by… but in an indoor voice to the people who read the blog? Yes. This is an enjoyable read. I recommend it.

HEY GUESS WHAT. Well I know I knew about this. That there’s a sequel to Boy Nobody.  Or there will be.  I added it to my upcoming books list already.  But in talking to ALLEN ZADOFF the author who was at the event I was talking about which is how I claim this is an authoritative source for information (proper citation method disregarded for casual if not awkward blog citation instead) he said that not only is there a book two but also a third book after that.  I didn’t try to pump a title or two out of him because I didn’t bring a crowbar with me…  I didn’t even bring a retractable pen with me.

Fairly pleased to say that when I finished Boy Nobody I checked the back flap about the author and saw that this wasn’t his first book.  (First action type book)  Before starting on the author event I went up to the information computer and managed to find a back list title of his, “Since You Left Me.”  So I got that signed as well.

If you can believe it, Boy Nobody was my 88th book of the year.

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