Catfish the TV Show: Dorion & Jeszica

I think the important thing to take from last night’s episode of Catfish:  the TV Show is that men and women communicate differently.

MEN.  When your girlfriend says “Oh, sweetie, I think you should do it.  This could be your thing.” may actually be a test.  What she might mean is “if you value your life, and I only assume you value me more than you value your life because I will kill you if you do this, then you will not pursue this.  You aren’t exactly an example of success so you should value this relationship that you have because when things go wrong and they will go wrong, nobody will be having sex with your sorry ass you usless sack of –”

And she’ll probably smile.

The top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads! (I am one of the top 1% of something!)

Yesterday I received an email that said “On behalf of the Goodreads team, I want to say thank you.  You’re in the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads!  Your many thoughtful book reviews help make us a vibrant place for book lovers.”  The email went on to say that the community has grown to 20 million members.  Which suggests that really, I’m one of their valued 200,000 users.  A lot of people I’ve tried to bring into goodreads but it hasn’t really tickled their fancy and they have stopped using it.  Which is why it’s not too surprising for me that I would be in the top 1%.

Dear publishers, publicists, and other people with galleys:  consider this your invitation to try and ply me with access to your wares.  I’m not asking for anything untoward, just advanced reader copies….  yes, apparently I and this sparse blog count in some circles as a tastemaker and influencer.