Quicky 3am Film Review: Now You See Me

Hey I know it’s not a new release so this review probably isn’t going to help people because if you were interested in seeing Now You See Me, you probably have already gone.  Or maybe you forgot it exists and HEY READ MY REVIEW!

Now You See Me is a fun engaging film that draws you into a world of slight of hand.  I swear I was sober and I enjoyed it.I don’t know exactly how this happened but in the beginning there is a point where one of the magicians, Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) asks a person to pick a card.  I mentally picked the 7 of Diamonds and apparently the person in the film did as well because magically the card revealed was the 7 of Diamonds.  Now did the film somehow place a subconscious suggestion in my head to pick that card?  Or is this just a coincidence?  I think I might have to buy the film to listen to commentary assuming we get blessed with director / writers commentary.

Synopsis:  Four magicians group together to great acclaim and the trailer might show you too much.

Disclaimer:  I like caper films.  Ocean’s Eleven, &c.

At no point does Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco make out or strut around without clothes.  Sorry.

2013 Film Ranking year to date

  1. From Up on Poppy Hill
  2. Jurassic Park (3D)
  3. Star Trek: Into Darkness (3D)
  4. Now You See Me
  5. 42
  6. Starbuck
  7. Sapphires
  8. Oz the Great and Powerful
  9. Geography Club
  10. The Angel’s Share
  11. Beautiful Creatures
  12. Iron Man 3 (3D)
  13. Warm Bodies
  14. The Host

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