May the Fourth be a Free Comic Book Day

Hey nerds. I hope you didn’t forget that today is Free Comic Book Day so go to your favorite comic book store and grab the free comic books.  Did you know that the free comic books are paid for by your favorite comic book store? SO BUY SOMETHING.  It’d be a shame if those poor comic book kids couldn’t afford pizza and ramen.


Because they would die / close the shop.

Also it’s May the Fourth, also known as that awful Star Wars pun day… Lego is offering some discounts and specials like … buy a B-Wing Starfighter, get a free Han Solo in Hoth Parka mini figure!  Also … the new super duper spiffy X-Wing should be in stores so go check that out and spend several hours snapping the bricks together.  (Or watch videos of people doing it on YouTube).

I HAVE A LIFE.  Sometimes.