Funny Story: Pulseit Rats Saw God

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I’m on the Simon and Schuster Pulseit site … which I assume is a book community based around S&S Pulse titles but I just jumped in and joined without really looking at the about page and so I’m looking through it and they offer book excerpts to help you figure out if you want to say … go get a book.

I saw Rats Saw God which recently has been on my radar because it’s by Rob Thomas who is to Veronica Mars as Whedon is to Buffy.  Published a while ago, and I think recently back in print with new cover blah blah blah.  So I click to read the excerpt.  Which contains:  The Cover.  The Title Page.  Acknowledgements.  Copyright.  Dedication.

Does not actually contain any text from the meaty book center.  So … I imagine S&S isn’t exactly losing any money by offering this online.  Of course it’s unlikely that they’re going to get any sales from this excerpt…  Oh.  Wait I said this was funny.

Not like funny haha.  More like funny lol.  Which is the least kind of funny there is.

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