Finished Reading The Shadowhand Covenant by @BrianFarrey

And thus begins me talking about an upcoming book that you probably can’t read because it’s not out yet.

The book is The Shadowhand Covenant and it is a follow up to The Vengekeep Prophecy by Brian Farrey.  Vengekeep is a middle group fantasy book about a family of thieves and a quest to save their community from a prophecy of doom.  Of course … the Grimjinx family faked the prophecy and somehow it’s coming true so it’s up to Jaxter to save his family, the town, etc.  Shadowhand is a more complex layered tale that expands on Vengekeep …

And I basically want to talk about this book but since it doesn’t come out until October I will try to restrain myself.  I finished it today and I’m probably like only one out of a handful (if you shrunk all the people who read this book down so we could fit in a hand) and I don’t know if I should gloat or just pummel people into knowing about this book.

I liked it.  (Rated it 5 stars on Goodreads)

So even though you can’t read Shadowhand yet, you can probably start on Vengekeep now and then we can talk later about the Grimjinxes.  Study up on your par-Goblin!

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