Being a little useless at the whole feeding myself thing, I went to the grocery store equipped with a bunch of coupons for candy and cookies and was fairly pleased when I saved 49%.  I saved basically $40 on unhealthy food.  Today.  Vons.This started with a coupon I had for the Starbucks Refershers in a can.  These things are normally amusingly expensive; regular price is $2.39.  Not including CRV, I bought two for $1.00 each, 58% off!

I bought Pepperidge Farms cookies.  Normally $3.99 and purchased for $2.53 each; only 36% off but I bought three of them so it’s like buy two get the third free.

Then there’s the matter of the dark chocolate granola bars.  I think they’re normally $3.79 each but I got them for 65% off.  I really hope I like them because I had to buy five boxes of them.

I also bought 12 bottles of Arrowhead sparkling water for $0.59 each.  They list for $1.19 each.  And I normally find them for $1.00 each.

I also may have purchased big cup of noodles for $0.50 each.

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