Jimmy Johns and the price of food

Hey so … I’m budgeting?  The question mark is because it’s never something I have executed with discipline.  Sure, I’ve tried to hunt bargains for recreation.  In my travels and through the conversations with out of state friends I have discovered a few restaurants that have been unavailable to me in California.

You know, like In-N-Out was unavailable to everyone else.

Jimmy Johns, sandwiches that deliver! And Waffle House, with their hash browns and reputation for keeping open in emergencies.  Nobody really talks about White Castle …Anyways, I know that Dunkin’ is coming in 2015 and we just got a few Rita’s Italian Ices.  Anyways, there’s a Jimmy Johns opening in Downtown Los Angeles and they totally are close enough to my old office that I could have had the dream. Sandwiches delivered.

Ignore the part where the office was close to Mendocino Farms, who had the best sandwiches and salads ever.

Anywhats I was saw an article about the rising cost of food.  Restaurants are pushing the costs onto consumers and grocery stores are not.  And the price of food at a grocery store is still much lower than eating out.  I really need to learn how to cook.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Johns and the price of food”

  1. I’ll teach you when I get home 🙂 But you need to keep a food diary — a list of the food you eat every day, especially if it’s stuff you eat out. If you learn to make that stuff you end up saving the most. Jason and I started making our own burgers at home (fancy-pants burgers, like with bacon, guacamole, bleu cheese, etc etc) and haven’t been to In N Out since.

    1. I don’t own a deep fryer. My ability to replicate fries diminishes. But no, I haven’t been to In-N-Out in two weeks? And somehow I think getting proper sushi training, sushi knives, and sushi-quality fish is going to be more expensive than … 😉

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