Ned Vizzini.

Sad news folks. Author Ned Vizzini has killed himself.  I don’t know the details and most of the information I gleamed through twitter.

He had a wife and a son.  He wrote several books.  He worked in TV and wore bright orange socks.  He was nice to me and I wish I was nicer to him.  I don’t get the opportunity now and I’m rather upset about it.  If I had the ability to jump back in time I would try to slap some sense into him.  That’s not the answer.  That’s just an immature perspective on grief.

I’m lucky enough to have quite a few signed books of his.  I blogged about that time I found myself at the Barnes & Noble in Glendale and he had signed stock after I had purchased a copy of his book and the frustration I felt at missing that opportunity.  I have since gotten that book signed by him…I think he may have personalized it.

I should go outside and look at the light before the sun sets.  And remember the light and the heat and the warmth of it all.  Ned, I know I’ll miss you.

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