Planes: Needs More Mater. What’s the point of being in the World of Cars without Mater?

Super hot?  Go see a movie!  Today’s film … Planes.  A computer animated film that had been planned as a direct to video movie from the  DisneyToon Studios…released into theatres.  It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t awful.  But I can’t exactly recommend it.I feel like it was a bad sign when the second thing I saw after the Disney castle opening sequence was a big sign that read “The World of Cars” or some nonsense.  Confession:  I liked Cars.  But really all that means is that we have a bunch of anthromorphic vehicles and because we’re too lazy to try and develop story that explains how these vehicles exist in this world, we have a bunch of small forklift vehicles that do basically everything.

45% of the characters are planes. 45% are forklifts.  5% are cars. 5% are boats.

This film could have been better with a better script.  As it stands there are missed opportunities to tie things together.  I could stand to have a bit more laughs in it and overall sometimes you just gloss over things because it’s a kids film.

I wasn’t really impressed by the vocal talent.  I may have gone hoping to have been impressed with the Top Gun reunion of Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards but I don’t think I even noticed Val Kilmer’s voice.  At times I wasn’t really convinced that John Cleese was really John Cleese.

At the end of the credits we’re warned of the impending sequel:  “Planes:  Fire & Rescue”

I would have enjoyed a Mater cameo.  No, really.  The cheap Mater-type character just lacks his genuine charm.  Mater is my friend.  Chug isn’t.

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