The Mortal Instruments City of Bones movie instagram review

Skip it.So… It’s been a while since I’ve read City of Bones.  I never finished the series and I’m okay with that.  Maybe when the author finishes the series I’ll go back and do it all in one go.  I think reading all of the Percy Jackson books around the same time had a benefit.  (Although Rick Riordan tends to remind you of things so it’s not like you’re going to not remember the stuff that’s important).

But I did not enjoy the movie.  No.  No no no no.  The highlight of the film is Robert Sheehan, but my reaction was mostly “I’d rather watch two and half hours of Misfits reruns.”  If you haven’t seen the brit tv show Misfits, it comes fairly well recommended.

Hell.  I even watched Me and Mrs. Jones.  So I guess I am a Robert Sheehan fan.

City of Bones movie feels like a german adaptation of the fanfic of an untalented writer who takes all the tropes and lumped them together.  Not the worst thing I’ve seen this year.  Not the worst YA adaptation of the year.  But this isn’t a film that I can take a person unfamiliar with the series and expect them to come out of the theatre with an appreciation of YA.

Russ, my favorite Marine vlogger walked out of the film and had to fill his feels with ice cream.

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    1. Which is the exact opposite of what a movie trailer is supposed to do. It would be funny if somebody started cutting bad trailers to keep people from seeing bad movies…

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