The strange affair of the brioughnut

I didn’t know about the absurd bakery craze that is the cronut until after I had left New York.  Am I foolish enough to wait in line for hours in the very early morning?  For two donuts?

… maybe.  What’s the weather like?

Anyhow, a local bakery introduced their donut variant, the brioughnut.  Their website describes it as “A sophisticated hybrid of the all-American doughnut and rich, flaky layers of brioche dough, handcrafted from scratch and laminated using the finest European butter.”

I was intrigued at the potential for fancy baked goods so I went down to their shop and picked up two.  A glazed and a maple bacon.  My aunt liked the maple bacon and I liked the glazed.  This is a rather poor review I’m afraid.

I mean if I were to try and explain to you my philosophy about donuts it would really be a long winded discussion, wouldn’t it?  And then you would think “well he’s got the mentality of a fat kid and this is one of the reasons why he is not svelte.”  Or at least I could probably go on about donuts for a while even though I only really eat donuts from one vendor.  DONUT MAN.

I should see if they know when they’re introducing peach donuts.

Back to donuts.  Right.  So I don’t go to Winchells and I don’t make trips to krispy kreme.  We don’t have Dunkin’ Donuts out here — at least not yet — and the last thing I ate at a Yum Yum Donuts was a torta.  NO REALLY, IT WAS A TORTA.

But at Donut Man. The fresh fruit filled donuts are a delight.  And the tiger tail!  When they are fresh they are amazing.  When they are not hot and fresh they are good.  Wait, is that all I’m going to say on the subject?  Surely I can fabricate greater sentences with descriptive facilities equipped in my brain.

Wait, it’s 2am.  I haven’t had coffee today.

Coffee and donuts?

Not a big fan of cake donuts. That’s not what a donut should be like.  For some reason the brioche donut reminded me of a cake donut.  But the inside wasn’t stiff and dense like cake.  No, it was much lighter.  And I imagine all of the butter helped too.

The brioughnut is only available on the weekends.  Parking is not very very convenient.  At Donut Man I believe their donuts are always available.  (Seasonal donuts during the appropriate season).  Donut Man has parking next to the shop.

But ConfeXion makes cupcakes and my experience with the brioughnut makes me want to come back and try their cupcakes.  And I think that’s the secret to a good donut.  It makes you want more.

Confexion Cupcakes & Cake

11 W Dayton St. (two blocks south of Colorado near Old Towne)

Pasadena, CA 91105

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