Quarantine Book Two: The Saints (@LexThomasAuthor)

9781606843376-1.600x600-75 Newest addition to the library is a signed copy of Lex Thomas’s second Quarantine (Quaranteens!) book, The Saints. Saw them at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove.

Lex remembered me from the Ontario Teen Book Fest. I declined to wear my author event jacket because it was just too hot. I should like to think that my author event jacket helps authors remember me but at the same time I never assume that there are reasons for authors to remember me. With a few exceptions of course.

I love to refer to the series as Quaranteens even though it was changed before publication.  If you’re unfamiliar basically a high school has been quarantined and all of the students fight amongst themselves for dominance… It’s going to be a trilogy.  Book one was The Loners and is already available.  Oh…. should have asked that.

I’m not great on coming up on questions for authors so it was great that Lex came prepared for questions.

Ugh.  It took me 30 minutes to get over the hill and into Hollywood.  Surface street traffic and it didn’t even seem particularly bad.