Tower? Oh.

So this is like a review I posted on Goodreads and I’m reposting here, but with spoilers.

Tower? Oh.

Once upon a time…a few years ago I came across a book called the James Deans and I read this book that was not about a boy band with a 1950s theme.  This was my first introduction to Reed Farrel Coleman and he’s on my list of “mystery genre authors I will read.”  Sadly, that’s a small list but what you can do with a finite amount of life to read with.  I think the only other authors on the list are Don Winslow and Charlie Huston.

Tower is a book that was written by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman about Nicky and Todd, two young men from Brooklyn and their lives and stuff.  Nicky is a violent sort filled with rage.  Todd loves Nicky but isn’t in love with Nicky, it’s not that kind of a book where two boys have their hearts broken by each other.  Nah, there’s women for that.

Tower isn’t a very long book, it’s basically Nicky’s story than Todd’s story and then an epilogue with a little time bouncing to try and get you hooked and yada yada yada I have to confess I did get a little confused because things weren’t explicitly pounded into my dense skull.  That’s why this review is now titled “Tower? Oh.” because when I finally realized that both of them die in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center it felt a little cheap and raw.  I went through the book wondering why the book was titled “Tower” and even though the Open Road ebook is a little more explicit in the cover I wasn’t too clear with the how and why until the end.9781480405936.600x600-75

As a reader I don’t really get to say what should happen in a book.  The authors, they tell you the story and basically all you can say is “yes, I want to read more” or “no, this is wasting my life.”  I want to read more, but I get the feeling I won’t since I’m pretty sure that when Leeza says:

FROM THE BENCH ON the Promenade I looked up at the severe blue skies and out across the river where the towers used to stand and where yet another part of my heart is buried.

She’s talking about Todd.  And if only he had broken his leg getting out of the shower, he wouldn’t have been there to be killed.  And Nick and Boyle are dead as well.  I guess Shannon isn’t, but she’s got a kid with needs to look after so it’d be mean to kill her off.

This is a positive review, if you like the kind of story where people get shot and then wisecrack about it, then maybe you should read Tower.  If you don’t, thanks for reading this review and move on with your life.

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